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about Urbansolid

The interaction between the sculptures and the public is one of its most interesting and unique aspects. This form of art is for everyone to admire and acknowledge, which is why the artists behind Urbansolid will keep propelling this movement further. Their work can be seen all around us from Milan, to Paris, to London

Urbansolid is an anonymous group of artists born through friendship and a common passion for sculpture. The group met at the historic Brera Fine Arts Academy in Milan where they studied classic sculpting techniques. Shortly after graduating, they began sculpting a plethora of objects made from various materials, unaware that the project would later become the “Urbansolid” movement.

The “Solids”, as they call them, are made using construction materials such as plaster or cement. Cities have started displaying them on their walls, sculptures with vivid pop colours and strong social messages. Urbansolid aims to reflect the society in which we live in by highlighting problems through their art, making them visible to everyone and thereby stimulating collective consciousness. It’s precisely this context that frames their urban work, which should be in harmony with the surrounding area. The success of this project is in the connection between the art and the city: the relationship is not only visual, but physical. “Adam nd Eve” is among their most well’know installations, perhaps because the sculptures are anatomical life-size casts and are dressed to mirror society’s behavior. For example, after the Bataclan attack in Paris, they started placing “Adam and Eve” sculptures made to look like soldiers and nurses on walls around Europe.