OUT 2021

Saturday 09 October 2020- from 18:00
Railway underpass Via Felicita Morandi crossing Via Giovanni Pontano- Milan

The choice of proposing an outdoor exhibition, in this particular historical moment, meets the need to reopen ourselves to sociability, to sharing. “After nearly two years of lockdown, we felt the need to reconnect with our audience in a direct, not mediated way. We want to free the visitor from any constraint, even from the constriction constituted by the gallery walls. We would like that those who will look at our artworks will feel free in the space and in the way they interact with the piece of art itself.”

Our intention is to overturn the dynamic that wants street artists to move from street works to gallery exhibitions. “Our is a backword process, a way to regain possession of the typical space of urban art”. The street, once again, becomes the ideal place to exhibit the artworks created in the streets of the city and, in some way, adapted for the audience of the galleries.

The choice of the exhibition location, a tunnel, a gallery above which the tracks leading to Milan’s central station pass, serves precisely to emphasize the meaning of the word “gallery”.

“When we exhibit in more institutional context, we are often asked the question of the consistency of our work as street artists, of how it is possible to adapt an artwork, born on the street, to different exhibition venues. With this game of contrasts, we want to overturn, to disrupt this well-established practice and focus the discussion on the meaning of the work of art itself, regardless of where it is received by the public”.

In the works proposed during the event, the familiarity of the street materials (pallets, recycled cartons, shred of advertising billboards) and the continuity with the urban context are broken by the presence of the frame, which remains the only legacy of the gallery.

The pre-existing background of the tunnel, a tapestry of graffiti, accompanies the viewer through a truly unique exhibition. OUT is above all this; a journey, a performance, between inside and outside, between the intimate and a social dimension.